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The Supernatural fandom has lost one of their greatest treasures due to anon hate. This sort of thing has GOT TO STOP. If you don’t have anything constructive, supportive and loving to say… or you have to hide behind and Anon to say it… DON’T. 


Also, just a reminder: Licia isn’t just an Artist Machine that churns out material for you to approve of/ not approve of. She’s a human being.

She’s a delightfully funny person, suffers from insecurity like so many of us, and has been bullied like this SO MANY TIMES that this isn’t even the first time she’s deleted her tumblr.She’s been treated like shit so often by mean-spirited Anons that just this April, she was celebrating the fact that she’d finally made it to the one-year mark on her latest incarnation of Euclase.

Finally, a whole year of people not being so mean she felt she had to delete! Can you imagine waking up every day knowing today might be the day some jerk decides to tear into you & try to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard on? Of wondering which straw will break your back?

God, the things people have said to her - and then, the things some people have said to try to ‘help’ - ‘don’t listen to them, don’t let it get to you, don’t don’t don’t…’ All those ‘helpful’ phrases that actually do more harm than good by invalidating her struggle to be here everyday.

She’s a person. She doesn’t deserve hatred for any reason, much less because someone felt jealous or intimidated by her hard-won talent. (The goddess Athena didn’t drop from Mt Olympus and give her a magic brush, y’all; she worked for her art. Years of hard work producing paintings a LOT of people enjoyed, as the notes on this attest.)

So don’t just mourn an artist. Mourn the loss of a potential friend (as I considered her my friend, one of my best here). Mourn the loss of a witty, bright, unique presence here on Tumblr.

I might miss the artwork, but I miss my friend way more.